Tour Dates

Drift Japan offers unique tours for drifting enthusiasts and Japan explorers alike.

Our tours, cultivated over 10 years, cater to all skill levels, with professional coaching for beginners to experienced drifters.

We aim to share our passion for drifting and Japanese culture, inviting you to join our circle of friends.

  • November 2024 - Kansai Region + matsuri ebisu

    Tracks: Meihan/ Bihoku / Tokushima Kartland

    8 spots only

    Ask about our matsuri add on package - Staying longer to attend matsuri fly home on the 18th

    NOV 2nd TO NOV 12TH 2024

    $13,000 Early Bird PAID BY JULY 15th 2024

    $15,000 Standard

    Apply for your spot HERE 
  • Matsuri Driving Add On Package

    Our Matsuri Drivers Package, priced at $7,500, provides a comprehensive drifting experience at the Ebisu Matsuri. It covers all event costs, accommodation, transport, and an extended 7-day itinerary in Japan from Kansai to Nihonmatsu. Drivers will receive 4 tyres, 2 tanks of fuel, and access to a Drift Japan Ebisu car. A $3,000 refundable security deposit is required for participating in the Matsuri drifting activities. This package offers a complete experience for those wanting to drive at the event.

  • Matsuri passenger Add On Package

    Our Matsuri Passenger Package, priced at $5,000, offers a unique experience. It includes all expenses for the Ebisu Matsuri, along with accommodation, transport, and an additional 7 days in Japan with an adventure-packed itinerary from Kansai to Nihonmatsu. During the Matsuri, guests will have the opportunity to experience hot laps, including night laps at North Course, as passengers with our staff and some renowned drivers. This package is an ideal way to experience the thrill of drifting without being behind the wheel.

  • Partner Packages

    Have a partner who wants to come along on the adventure however they dont want to drive?

    We offer a partner package that includes all elements of the standard tour apart from the track days.

    This is $6500 per person.

  • Tandem Battle Add On

    Embrace the ultimate drifting challenge with our Tandem Battle Add-On! Whether you're keen to battle a mate or take on our experienced staff, this add-on offers an incredible opportunity to hone your chase driving skills. With a $2,500 refundable deposit, you can engage in thrilling head-to-head battles, enhancing your experience and skill set. This is your chance to either show off your drifting prowess or learn from some the best japan has to offer in a dynamic, competitive environment. Get ready for an adrenaline-packed experience on the track!

  • Flight Upgrade Add On

    Do you want to fly with a preferred airline? Do you want to fly business class? We can arrange that for you and adjust the price to reflect the difference.

Influencer Program

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Thats right if you have five people that want to come along at the standard price you get your trip free.