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Below is a breakdown of typical Itinerary.

This is going to be a truly life-changing experience, we hope you can join us!

Fly from Brisbane. Arrive in Japan, we collect you from the airport and head to the HQ for a group dinner, Tour of the Kansai Dori Workshop to meet the coaches and cars.

The format typically runs tour day, track day, free day.

This allows us the day after a track day to prep the car ready for the next and relax from the exciting track day had.

The track days include Meihan E course, Bihoku Highland Circuit and Tokushima Kart Land.

During the tour day we take you to the best car culture places and workshops.

The workshops include Pro Shop Diversion, Rocket Bunny, Pheonix Power, Global Auto, Dog Fight Pro, Aqua, HKS amongst others.

We also hit up just about every Up Garage in the region.

For our cultural indulgences we check out Himeji Castle, Osaka Castle, Tōfuku-ji Temple, Dotonbori, Inari shrine amongst others.

Food is also a major attraction to Japan and we do a number of BBQs including one in Kobe and sample the best dishes the region has to other like ramen, sushi and yukiniku


Once you have confirmed your spot-on tour, we open up a group chat and detailed itineraries get posted in there.

EBISU Drift matsuri packages available

*Some dates and times may change or shift around, that is part of scheduling out a 10-day event months in advance and dealing with reality as it comes while we are there.

**Tour is capped at 6 people; this is to ensure maximum drive time and overall experience for each person going!


Explore our comprehensive FAQ page for Drift Japan's tours, where we answer your pressing questions about our drifting experiences. From coaching details and car availability to track time and safety protocols, get all the information you need to prepare for an unforgettable journey. Our FAQ page is designed to ensure you have a seamless and thrilling drifting experience in Japan. Check it out to make the most of your Drift Japan adventure

Q: Will there be coaching?

A: Our staff will assess your capabilities and talk through what you’d like to achieve with your trip. If you’re new to drifting, we can spend plenty of time with you getting up to speed and if you a seasoned driver it will be more free form coaching. Mostly you’ll be in the cars with yourself or your friends on tour.

Q: How many cars are there?

A: We have a range of your favourite 90s hero cars, and we pick and choose what’s suitable for the day and skill level of the group.

Q: How much track time do we get?

A: You won’t be disappointed with the amount of track time! Although you’ll share cars with the group and rotate through, you’ll get more than your fill. Track days typically go 7/8 hours.

Q: What happens if the car gets damaged while I’m driving it?

A: The beauty of our tour is the bond is part of the fee for the tour. In true Japanese culture we try to respect the cars and track. Reckless driving and ignoring staff directions will not be tolerated. If this occurs, you’ll need to provide a bond to continue driving and if breached further you’ll be refused driving privileges. If you make a mistake and damage occurs you need to pay for parts and reasonable labour to repair.

Q: Can I fly from where I live?

A: Of course, the tour includes flights from Brisbane. We can either fly you from your area if costs are equivalent or we can subtract flights and you can organize yourself.

Q: Do I need an International driver’s license?

A: We highly recommend you do, but it’s not a deal breaker if not.

Q: How much spending money do I need to bring?

A: Our tour includes food for lunch on the track days, but you will need to bring with some spending and food money to get through. We recommend getting cash as some rural areas can be hard with card. If using card, we recommend WISE.

Q: Are there internet connections at the accommodation?

A: Yes, the accommodation does, and we will have a mobile WIFI device with the group during the tour, we can also show you where to grab an internet sim if you’d like your own.

Q: What’s the sleeping arrangements like?

A: We bunk on traditional tatami mats and futons; the house is communal, and everyone has a blast hanging together.

Q: Do I need travel insurance?

A: We highly recommend you do, driving race cars is highly dangerous and the tracks have no insurance measures.

Q: Can I do other activities while on tour or stay longer?

A: Yes, we try make the tour as accommodating as possible, if you have a great idea, we can try get the whole group to check it out. There are also free days where you can explore by yourself. If you want an extended stay let us know, so we can book the flight.

Q: Do I need a helmet and what type of clothes do I need?

A: We supply helmets if you don’t have one, we recommend bringing one if you have already. That and closed in footwear is all that is required for track days. March and November get cold, and June is quite warm.

Q: What happens if I get sick or need to leave for personal reasons?

A: We will do our best to get a flight change and help you to the airport, you’ll have to cover the flight change fee and loss of days on tour.

Q: Can we buy parts in Japan?

A: Absolutely, we book excess baggage for the return flight. We have materials to wrap up any goodies. If you want new parts let us know in advance to be ordered and collected while staying with us.

Q: I have a big following on social media, can I come for free?

A: Sure can, get 5 people to book and your trip is free. See our influencer section.

Q: How do I find out more?

A: Send through an online enquiry and we will get back to you or check out the Drift Japan YouTube or the Gutter to Gutter Podcast Episode.